Most people have played and/or watched soccer at some point in their lives and enjoyed it. However, does it ever occur to you that there are millions of money digits being spent on a daily basis on them? Football has ridiculously high amounts put into the teams and games that people wonder if it’s even a game anymore.

It’s pretty possible that it could have become something more than just “fun and games” and something that people want to start making a living off of. That is a difficult task of course, but not if you stay dedicated to it. Most times, it pays off for the better. The players are rewarded with lots of money that helps them stay on their feet. Also, by using FUN88 the money can flow in a lot faster.


The most money that comes in is usually from sponsorship from a very famous and highly successful brand. This leads to the brand logo who is being sponsored to be put on the shirt that the players wear to display them. When the fans want to buy these shirts to support their favourite team with love, that brings in even more of the money.

Sponsors like Nike and Adidas are very common to pop up as the most loved sponsors. You will see them in just about every single team.

The brand Chevrolet is also playing a huge part in these teams too. Manchester United had signed a contract that will last them for 7 years straight back in 2014 that cost nearly 600 million US dollars. However much that might seem like a big number to you, for them it’s not. They get way over that amount of money back from the shirt sales.

If you thought they spent a lot of money, then you are going to be swept off your feet by the numbers Real Madrid brought up. Try thinking about over 1 billion US dollars as a sponsorship with Adidas this time. Now that’s a lot of dough. They get all of it back and then even more with 192 million US dollars in return.

There is also Manchester United who performs in sponsorship too. They pull in 187 million US dollars from selling their shirts, and even though that may not be “as” good, that sure is something to still be very happy about. Most people don’t get such an opportunity like that, let alone over 1 billion US dollars worth at that.

You also can’t leave out the football club Bayern Munich for they reel in 111 million US dollars every single year. However, it’s not just from the shirt sales that they get this giant money from. It’s also from the sponsoring of the stadium.

They have also been with Adidas for around 50 years straight and they still want to keep going until the year hits 2030.