Mobile phones have been here for a couple of decades now, yet in their inception, they weren’t as mobile or that accessible, really. Things changed as technology got smaller and less expensive to produce, with various semiconductor companies developing more efficient ways of mass-producing silicon wafers.

Nowadays, we are looking at phones that can take ultra high-quality photos and videos, with a lot of power under the hood, necessary to edit those videos. Triple A video games of the past are now playable on mobile phones.

Likewise, things you were once able to do in person, like pay bills, you can now do from your phone. Betting is also available on mobile phones, through apps like SBK sports betting and other similar ones.

Is the future here, what else do we have to look forward to?

Enhanced Facial Recognition

Facial recognition on the mobile phones is something that might serve everyone handy as a quick way of unlocking your phone, as well as an extra layer of security. In its earlier days, it was laughable, however, as it could have been fooled with a photo of the user.

Things you can expect from facial recognition are better scanners and software, which will look for your expressions, facial contours and other, significant markers. Fingerprint scanners are already very good, yet extra security is never a bad thing, especially when it’s fast and precise.

Tougher Phones

Flagships nowadays come with some specific resistances and certifications, making them sort of tough. As tests, some more rigorous than others, have shown, flagship phones tend to break very easily. A bad fall and your screen is dead. There will be ways to make tougher phones with less expensive materials.

Sure, there are versions of flagship phones which are resistant, yet they bulk up the phone by a large margin. That alone turns a lot of customers away. Looking forward, phones will be able to stay around the same size while retaining or exceeding the toughness of their bulky counterparts.

A Shift from the Standard – Virtual and Augmented Reality

As screens get bigger and present you with more detail, so do the possibilities for the artists. Yet, big screens allow for other things like virtual reality. There are specific headsets designed for mobile phones which allow you to tap into the world of your favorite game. Virtual reality is still young yet relatively well-functional on the mobile phones.

Augmented reality is another story. You can expect holographic projectors and the like, virtual objects in the real world which you can interact with. Think of a lot of sci-fi movies or similarly themed video games and you can get a clearer picture.

Esports – That Future is Here

Esports really took off with the Starcraft video games. Later on, local DotA tournaments were everywhere. Eventually, Starcraft II was released and esports really had its roots down. Other games like CS: GO and League of Legends joined the scene, not to mention the newer ones like Overwatch, Gwent and now Fortnite.

These games are all available on the PC, but mobile has claimed titles like Clash Royale and Vainglory, putting down its own roots.

The future of mobile phones is looking bright, with innovations at every new release, waiting to happen.