America is in a gambling craze right now, with sports betting becoming legal in several states. If you like mixing your casual dining with a casual sports bet, this Buffalo Wild Wings Sportsbook may be of great interest to you. However, we are not here to talk only about Americans and their gambling. Many other worldwide countries have been able to enjoy all kinds of betting for a long time. Over the years they developed certain habits and traditions. So let’s take a look at what those traditions are.


The Brits invented many sports, like football, golf, rugby, and tennis, to name a few. So it comes to a no surprise that they were first to start betting on sports as well. However, Britain has a history of gambling that’s much older than some of these games. Horse racing gambles were very common even in the middle ages, and the first lottery was introduced in 1569. Even today, Great Britain has a vast gambling culture, with around 10,000 betting shops operating all across the country.


Australians can also enjoy gambling in many forms. However, they prefer risking the most on lottery tickets and scratch cards. Slot games and video poker (“pokies”) have also grown in popularity here in the past several years. As a matter of fact, the “pokies” are not only seen in land-based casinos but are also very common in bars and restaurants. Just like in Britain, Australia has a long history of horse race betting.


We can’t talk about casino and gambling and not mention France. Namely, it was the French mathematician called Blaise Pascal whose principles of perpetual motion triggered the invention of the roulette wheel. Apart from roulette, this country gave us several table and card games, including baccarat and blackjack. It is also claimed that the French invented parimutuel betting. Gambling is entirely legal in France today, in both physical and online form. The minimum gambling age in the country is 18.


Ancient Chinese invented a lot of stuff from paper money, printing, certain weapons, instruments, games like dominoes, etc. Well, some historians claim that they invented gambling as well. The culture of recreational gambling in China is still very strong today. The city of Macau can be considered the gamblers paradise, even surpassing Las Vegas in gambling revenue for the past several years. It’s also the only place in the country where you can bet on chance games. Horse betting is very popular here as well.


Speaking of ancient cultures, gambling in Italy dates all the way back to the Roman empire. Romans are held responsible for inventing the game of backgammon, for example. However, the first gambling houses were opened at the turn of 18th century Venice. Today, betting on sports like football and tennis is still very popular as it has been for the previous several decades. Nevertheless, with the invention of internet gambling, more and more Italians are switching to online slots and poker.


Up until recently, the United States of America had fairly strict gambling laws, especially about sports betting. Gambling was generally frowned upon here throughout history. However, that didn’t stop Americans from inventing games like poker and bingo, and they even came up with the first slot machine. Places like Las Vegas and Native American reservations have the highest concentration of gamblers in the country.