Are Children Today More Isolated Than Before?

The main goal of social media services was to bring everyone closer together and help people feel less isolated. But, the reality is a bit different.

Social media services and the modern way of living have affected our society in different ways, depending on whom you ask. Some will say that the contemporary lifestyle has made us more connected – we can now reach anyone in a matter of seconds, play games with our friends, even bet with the bet365 bonus code in other countries like in the Netherlands perhaps – but others will argue that we feel even lonelier than before because of it. However, there is not a definite conclusion whether or not social media is good or bad.

One is certain, children are the ones most affected by these changes. How are they actually affected? Let’s discuss it below.

It’s Easier to Communicate Nowadays

Compared to their parents, children today have many more ways to communicate. Thirty years ago, if you wanted to talk to your friends and share details about your day, you had to call their landline or send them a letter.

Today, children can use the internet to almost instantly communicate with anyone in the world. That should make them feel much less isolated and give them a higher sense of belonging.

Video Games Bring Children Together

Online video games allow children not only to have fun but also to communicate with each other. Before the internet went mainstream, if you wanted to have fun or play a game, you could do it only by yourself or with a limited number of other children who lived in your vicinity. Nowadays, you can play games with kids from all around the world, which should help you feel less lonely and isolated.

There’s a Lack of Face-to-face Interaction

Even though children now can communicate much more easily than before, a great deal of that communication is done online. Nowadays, children get very little face-to-face interaction with their peers. The rare opportunity for doing that is in school, which is also limited by different rules when attending classes. All of that is taking away opportunities from children to make real connections with their peers and have meaningful communications and friendships.

Parents Are Too Protective Nowadays

A lot of parents are way too protective of their children. They do not let them experience their childhood, one part of which is getting in danger. Children are often not allowed to go to the park with their friends and the curfew time has been significantly lowered. This leaves little room for children to socialise, which makes them feel more lonely.


It’s hard to come to a definite conclusion and say with certainty whether children are feeling more lonely today than before. However, there are definitely some things that need to be changed.

Even though kids may have more means of communication than their parents had, there is an increased need for more face-to-face interaction between them, which would certainly give them a greater sense of belonging and help them feel less lonely.